Tragedy strikes South Sudan as mishandled measles vaccine kills 15 kids

Tragedy struck South Sudan earlier this month when a measles vaccination campaign went wrong, and 15 children died. The 15 children, all under the age of 5, died of severe sepsis and toxicity due to contaminated measles vaccine, according to a statement by the WHO.  According to the investigation, conducted by the National Adverse Events […]

Florida Keys use nature to turn mosquitoes against each other

The Florida Keys are the setting for an experiment to pit mosquitoes against one another in the hopes that they kill each other and leave us humans with fewer instances of mosquito-borne disease. While the southern United States’ rainy season is approaching and the area is bracing for mosquito-season, and the subsequent increase in cases of […]

Will antimicrobial resistance catapult us back to the pre-penicillin era?

Imagine a world where that strep throat turns into scarlet fever, or a world where you break a tooth, it gets infected, and you die from sepsis (blood poisoning). And there is nothing you can do about it. Antimicrobial resistance is shaping up to be the defining public health and medical issue of the century. You […]