Mycetoma: A disease so neglected it’s not even on the WHO list of NTDs

Edit: On 28 May 2016, the 69th World Health Assembly approved a resolution recognizing mycetoma as a neglected tropical disease. I’d like to think this article had something to do with that, although I’m certain that’s not the reality. Mycetoma is a badly neglected tropical disease that results in bone and flesh destruction which frequently […]

Yellow fever outbreak in Angola, worst in 30 years, threatens to spread

Angola is in the midst of its worst yellow fever outbreak in 30 years, add to that a shortage of yellow fever vaccine and the world could be looking at a serious problem. Yellow fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic fever spread by Aedes mosquitoes, the same mosquitoes that transmit Zika. The “yellow” refers to the […]

Is measles eradication possible when the world is still trying to eradicate polio

Humanity has only truly conquered one human infectious disease, and that disease is smallpox. Smallpox was successfully eradicated in 1977 after causing between 100 and 300 million deaths in the 20th century. Strides are being made to make polio the second infectious disease eradicated. Polio eradication efforts have been ongoing for nearly 30 years, costing […]

Zika virus’s link to neurological damage becoming clearer

As more scientific attention focuses on Zika virus and why we’re seeing neurological damage now in this outbreak when we hadn’t in previous outbreaks, new information is constantly coming to light. I wrote a previous article looking at the possible link between the microcephaly being seen in Brazil and a larvicide being used in drinking […]

While the world focuses on Zika, Dengue is raging in the background

For very good reason, Zika virus has been dominating the media recently. With continued efforts to determine and define the link between Zika virus and cases of microcephaly, as well as the link between Zika virus and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, the global focus on Zika virus has never been higher. The unfortunate part about the media […]

The world has moved on from Ebola, what does that mean for West Africa?

Now that the West African Ebola epidemic is over, what does that mean for the residents of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone? Is it back to life as usual, but with everyone on constant lookout for more Ebola cases? Are there special health considerations necessary for Ebola survivors? The WHO developed a three phase framework for […]

Humanity is not prepared for the next pandemic or plague

The microbes are winning and we are unprepared for the fight. Louis Pasteur got it right in the 19th century when he said “Messieurs, c’est les microbes qui auront le dernier mot.” (Gentlemen, it is the microbes who will have the last word.) Admittedly we have had plenty of successes against the microbes. We’ve improved sanitation, […]