The world has moved on from Ebola, what does that mean for West Africa?

Now that the West African Ebola epidemic is over, what does that mean for the residents of Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone? Is it back to life as usual, but with everyone on constant lookout for more Ebola cases? Are there special health considerations necessary for Ebola survivors? The WHO developed a three phase framework for […]

At the 68th World Health Assembly the WHO makes changes to prevent future disasters like their initial Ebola response

In case you haven’t heard, in 2014 the world’s largest Ebola outbreak occurred in West Africa. The WHO has been frequently criticized for their lack of response to this outbreak. As the only international health organization made up of member countries (governments), it was the only organization with the capacity to pull resources from everywhere […]

If Ebola has been around for so long, why don’t we have a vaccine already?

So in case anyone’s been living under a rock recently or has just been doing their very best to avoid any Ebola news (which is almost impossible here in the US), there has been news coverage stating that leading drug makers across the world have been working together and with the WHO to expedite Ebola vaccine […]

Scary emerging viruses from around the world

With all this talk about Ebola for the last few months, and conceivably the next 6 months at least, I wanted to touch on other scary emerging viruses and why this Ebola epidemic is potentially the start of a new age of emerging infectious disease outbreaks. The authors of a recent Science Translational Medicine article state […]

Who decides recipients of potentially lifesaving Ebola drugs

There have been recent news reports stating that the 2 Americans infected with Ebola who were transported back to America for treatment, were given an untested (in humans) Ebola drug, ZMAPP. Now for me this begs the question, why is the FDA allowing for the use of untested drugs to treat Ebola? Not only ZMAPP […]