Tragedy strikes South Sudan as mishandled measles vaccine kills 15 kids

Tragedy struck South Sudan earlier this month when a measles vaccination campaign went wrong, and 15 children died. The 15 children, all under the age of 5, died of severe sepsis and toxicity due to contaminated measles vaccine, according to a statement by the WHO. ¬†According to the investigation, conducted by the National Adverse Events […]

Is measles eradication possible when the world is still trying to eradicate polio

Humanity has only truly conquered one human infectious disease, and that disease is smallpox. Smallpox was successfully eradicated in 1977 after causing between 100 and 300 million deaths in the 20th century. Strides are being made to make polio the second infectious disease eradicated. Polio eradication efforts have been ongoing for nearly 30 years, costing […]

Vaccine preventable diseases around the world

If you’ve paid any attention to the news recently you must have heard about the measles outbreak that originated at Disneyland, most probably from an individual who was visiting from abroad. At the time of writing this, there have been 84¬†confirmed cases originating from this Disneyland index case. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of […]